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P. Gaia & Media


Project Gaia is a recruitment methodology that helps you implement a Data Driven approach while taking care of your team's health, remember it is not about the numbers, is more about taking care of the people who help you reach your numbers.

More Information below.

I believe that sharing is the only way we can move forward and grow together that is why I created more than 30 videos explaining tech for starters as well as some podcast to learn more about Tech. Find them here.

Meet Gianluca

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My name is Gianluca Rosania 

I am a Data Driven Expert Consultant in Talent Acquisition with more than 12 years of experience, CEO and cofounder of LIVT.


Also I have worked with several top companies such as Robert Walters, Glovo where we built from scratch the IT team from 25 to 380 engineers in 18 months setting the frameworks for success, Booking.com and now building and bettering the strategy at Bitpanda.

Top 10 HR Expert Spain 2021 by GoIntegro. 


Motivational Speaker, MBA, Sports Coach, Master in NLP and Clinical Hypnosis, Professor (Nuclio, La Salle University, SIT, Udemy and more), Creator of the recruitment methodology "Project Gaia", Host and creator of the Podcast "Path to Principal", Youtube "Tech for Recruiters" Author of 2 books ("Your Inner Force" and "El Camino").

I want to reshape the HR education and how we evolve as an industry and I am sure now that the only way of making this to happen is by decentralising knowledge and sharing it constantly.

Also by late march 2022 I will launch a new HR Project that will make this happen!

How can I help you:

1) Expert in Training Programs for your teams. (Sourcing, Candidate Experience, Hiring Processes, Data & metrics).


2) Hiring Tech, Blockchain (Crypto, DeFi, NFT) and Business Talent.

3) Evaluating your current TA status and providing resources and feedback to improve.


We are all human-beings and equal behind our Linkedins ...


  • One Session. Online or In Person. (Flying expenses not included)

    1 hr 30 min

  • I can solve your business hiring needs.

    1 hr

  • Online or In Person (Flying expenses not included)

    1 hr 30 min

  • I can help you to unlock your full potential.

    1 hr



“Gianluca is an amazing recruiting machine. He works well with Engineering managers and with the candidates throughout the hiring process. He will be a huge asset to any company if you're looking to scale with quality and care.”

Bill Crane

Former VP Linkedin 


"Gianluca has been a key component of Glovo's successful endeavor to grow from 60 engineers to more than 300. All of this in less than 18 months. I have been genuinely impressed by his drive, his structured effort and how he managed to lead our effort in that field. It would be a pleasure to work with you again"

Idriss Al Rifai - Glovo

Chief Data & Strategy Officer


"Gianluca came to Glovo as a senior recruiter and quickly demonstrated he was a top performer in his field growing to senior manager. I always admired his can-do attitude and passion for recruitment which resulted in overperforming in all his targets. Over his time in Glovo he continued to raise the bar and was a driving force in growing our engineering team by any order of magnitude."

Bartek Kunowski - Glovo


My Books

Ebook "Tu Fuerza Interior


"El Camino" - To help all young folks who haven’t decided yet on what to study, based on the G.R.O.W model of coaching this powerful tool can help you with that. Available in Spanish, English and Catalan.



Top eBook to improve your life