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Tu Fuerza Interior

This E-Book, the first tool that I bring to help others. Here I captured a vision of what we are capable of as human beings, ready to serve those who need it most. Those committed to not only improving their mind and processes, but also knowing it so well that they can master it as quickly as possible. Self-knowledge of your mind and your life is the key to achieving whatever you dream of.


Por Gianluca Rosania


El Camino

Por Gianluca Rosania y Paul Van den Hout

This work focuses on the development of a tool to help young people during a key moment in their lives, young people who need to define their vision of the future.


In the guide, a deductive methodology is applied, since, through Coaching Questions, young people will be able to look at or explore themselves within themselves, in addition to visualising themselves towards the future or seeing themselves from another perspective. So they can determine or deduce what they want based on their beliefs, tastes, aspirations or goals, setting a path to achieve it.

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