A little bit more about my personal life

Gianluca Rosania

Creator, Aider, Fighter, Human

I am Gianluca, my life experience is what helped me find my purpose. I lost my 2 parents, I migrated to a new continent, I started from absolutely zero and with a growth mindset along with my career I have been able to reach a point where I have the proper knowledge and the necessary strength to dedicate it to my purpose - to help others find their way.


I am the author of: El Camino - A tool to help young people define their vision of the future and the career they want to pursue based on Coaching.


Your Inner Force - an eBook where you will find a vision of what we are capable of doing as human beings, ready to serve those who need it most.


I have a YouTube channel that focuses on motivation, entrepreneurship and technology where I share my vision with you.


I am here to help you. I'm not looking to change you. I seek to give you tools to guide you in your personal growth process and support you to enjoy your essence. The changes are made by you, from within. Nor do I have the absolute truth, or the reason, but by sharing what I am, I nourish my purpose to give light to others.


We can just start with an inspiring conversation, or we can have guided sessions (Full details here).


Don't forget - you are about to change your life and if you are a business owner improve it drastically!

Let's do this!


My Education and certifications:

  • Certified Psychologist - UDLA (Universidad de las Américas)

  • Minor in Clinic Hypnosis & NLP - IAAN (International Association of Applied Neuroscience)

  • Major HR - UDLA (Universidad de las Américas)

  • Master Sports Coaching - EBS (Esneca Business School)

  • Master en Sports Management - UPF (University Pompeu Fabra)

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