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Meet Gianluca

More than 15 years of experience in Human Resources, Author of 3 books, Professor, International Speaker, Linkedin TOP Voice, FORBES succesful entrepreneurs, TOP HR Expert Spain.

MBA Sports Management UPF, Master in Artificial Intelligence Founderz, Master in Sports Coaching.

I am an expert in Talent Acquisition with more than 15 years of experience. I collaborated with global leaders in companies such as Robert Walters, Glovo, and have worked with the latest technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

I have been recognized by FORBES as a successful entrepreneur, as Linkedin TOP VOICE, as Top 1 HR Expert by Favikon in 2023 and Top 3 HR Influencer Spain 2021, 2022 and 2023 by GoIntegro.


I am an International Speaker, MBA, Sports Coach, and creator of the "Project Gaia" recruiting methodology.


My approach includes reshaping human resources education, decentralizing knowledge to transform the industry. 


And of course help as many people as I can to grow and find their paths..

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Gianluca Rosania

I help thousands of professionals get the job of their dreams!

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This is the story of a dream, but not just any one, but those dreams that seem like reality, that are born in the mind and yet are possible, elusive but palpable. This is the beginning of my dream story.

Like Edmund Hillary in 1953, when he reached the summit of Everest without caring about the recognition of others, only to open the way for those who came later, so that his feat would be a challenge, a motivation for others.

This story is also a challenge, a guide for the brave gladiator that lives in us, that hunter of opportunities ready for risk and who should not stop in the face of fear.

Every victory carries a risk. A victory without risk is an agreement, a transaction, a simple trick. Winners know that at some point they can lose. Otherwise the game would be fixed...

Like many of us, I know well what it is to lose. Life hit me hard right away, when I was only 3 years old my mother died of leukemia.

My mom... María Del Rosario Larrea...


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My dad was left alone with 4 children and a lot of work to do. My grandmother came from Salerno, to help us and raise us, where she focused more on me, since I was the youngest.

I had a past in a country with beautiful people but unfortunately in my society, as in many cities in Latin America, you are not someone because of your heart, but rather because of your achievements and your material goods.

I was part of this 'society', I studied cognitive psychology, human resource management, NLP and clinical hypnosis, I had a decent job in a multinational, a 4-year girlfriend relationship, and I also appeared on national television when I still didn't know what I really wanted in live, millions of people saw me go through moments of emotional difficulty as I was maturing. Even with all that I always felt that I was not happy, that I was missing something, but I was too weak to leave my comfort zone, I was a conformist.

Dear reader, settling for something we don't want to be, sounds familiar?

How does someone find the right step? On many occasions, simply by asking the right question. This is how it happened to me.

Years ago, still in Ecuador, without money, with a failed business, my father weak after suffering Septicemia, my stepmother alone, and I totally lost, I met my mentor, a former ATP tennis player who asked me "What is your dream?" ?", to which I replied "Living in Europe."

And so the decision was made. So without a single dollar but with a great desire to take advantage of this moment to finally take a step forward. When you reach a point, you just have to take a step forward or step back.

I moved to another continent, to Barcelona, ​​with a large debt in the bank and the hope of helping others through psychology and my career, but reality does not always fit our dreams.
When I arrived in Barcelona I had to start from scratch.

The first year I was looking for a job, insecure about myself, thinking too much about what others will say or think about me. I applied for more than 200 jobs, 130 via the web, 70 with my backpack and my arsenal of CVs.

First I found a job where I had to get people in their homes to change their gas contract, I visited over 200 houses in 7 days, and guess what, only one invited me in to listen to me.

After a period of time I found work in a small hostel. Not only was I in charge of Human Resources (as promised), but I also cleaned up poop, worked with 24 hours of availability, was paid in black (illegally) and endured the mistreatment of my boss, who always repeated that I was not He was a nobody, a shitty sudaca and he would never achieve anything. A year later, he fired me for no reason...

At that time, years ago, I finally got a better job, where I managed teams and changed many people's lives with a personal speech.
Then I did a Master's degree at UPF in sports administration which was my father's and my dream, just what we had always wanted after so much struggle.

The day I started my master's degree my father stopped answering me. It was here when I had another blow, I received a call from one of my brothers where, crying, he told me "It's my dad, you have to come, he had a stroke and we don't know if he will survive."


And well, life goes on and so I had to think... my dad was no longer with me, he passed away.

A year of a lot of effort came ahead, getting up at 5:30 am, riding my bike to the gym and training from 7 am to 8 am, getting ready and starting to work from 8:30 am to 6 pm and then going to the master's degree and start my studies from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 4 days a week.


I can say that I was in a strange state, I lived as if on automatic and although I cried a lot, I did not allow myself to process all my grief. At least distracting myself like this helped me...

And from there, with a lot of effort, dedication, learning and experiences, I have been able to grow to where I am today, have unforgettable experiences like working with Leo Messi or changing the lives of hundreds of people.

I leave you some videos of my story...

Thank you for reading me, if you want to continue these stories you can subscribe to my Newsletter.

How can I help you?

1) Expert in Training for recruiters. Free programs, books, resources. (Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Sourcing, candidate experience, hiring processes, data, metrics and much more).

2) I help professionals Identify what they want in life and how to achieve it. I have been able to help thousands achieve their professional goals and enhance their future possibilities.

3) If you are a brand and you want to promote it through influencer marketing we can know each other. I am interested in brands that add value, have a mission and purpose.

You may want changes in your professional life and I am here to make them happen with you.

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Gianluca Rosania

HR Expert / Consultant


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