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Do you have your vacancies open for a long time?

Your recruiting team is reactive and you don't know what analytics you have or how much you are spending?

Boost your results by creating a strategy that has helped the best human talent teams in the world.

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Ancla sobre mí
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I am a Company


By always keeping people at the center. From implementing artificial intelligence and automating your processes or training your teams to reduce risks, to creating proven strategies that will make you optimize resources and also improve your employer brand.

I help you

to reduce costs

Ancla soy empresa
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I am




Your new coach in Human ResourcesCareer development and Personal Brand Building!

I consider myself passionate about transforming lives, which is why I dedicated myself to the Human Resources area. I'm glad you made it this far; Maybe you have seen me on LinkedIn, in some media or at events, but the essential thing is that this space is full of resources for your growth, learning and improvement.

Whether you are looking for a job, are a Human Resources professional or a recruiter, or are working on strengthening your personal brand to face the future of work, you have come to the right place! Discover how we can collaborate to enhance your development and achieve your professional goals.

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You've seen me in:

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Ancla soy empresa
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I specialize in unlocking your maximum potential and enhancing your future opportunities.

My journey started from the ground up, I fully understand what it takes to build something from scratch, and my goal is to share that valuable experience with the world. Let me guide you to achieve the best within your possibilities and make the most of the opportunities that the future has in store for you.

the talent of  

I love to empower

Ancla Potencia
Ancla soy recruiter
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I have had the opportunity to build recruiting teams from scratch, work in the best companies in the world, be a professor at large universities and train more than 3,500 recruiters. I have created some courses that will help you take the step to the next level.

I am a Recruiter



for recruitersyes

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Action plan

Knowledge is my
Ancla soy speaker

I have had the privilege of educating and inspiring hundreds of thousands of individuals, from marketers and HR professionals to entrepreneurs, participating in more than 200 events in Europe, the United States and Latin America. My mission is to motivate action and guide each person toward achieving meaningful results.



Events attended as a speaker



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Years as an international speaker

Let's do a SOLD OUT from your next event



To events and conferences

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Your Talent


I have reviewed over 40,000 resumes in 15 years and conducted over 18,000 interviews, I know what I'm talking about and I want to help. I have been able to give a hand to more than 2,000 people on their search path and today I can help you.

Let's empower together

I'm looking for a job

Ancla Busco empleo
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Ancla Redes sociales

Content to Help

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Join me in social media to enhance your talent for free, with my events, conferences or free daily content.


More than 150k followers in the media

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Ancla libros

Get inspired with knowledge
My books

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El Camino
A guide based on the G.R.O.W coaching model to help you find what you want to do with your career and future.
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Tu Fuerza Interior
A manual that will help you find yourself, know yourself and improve your life by having greater self-knowledge. Just in Spanish.
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Talent Unleashed
All my recruiting knowledge in one book. You can become a recruiter or improve your skills with it.
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Success stories


Alesya Ivanova
Public Relations Avant Models

Gianluca helped me find a job when I needed it most,his methodology and knowledge They made me achieve my goals.

“Gianluca is an incredible recruiting machine. Works well with Engineering managers and candidates throughout the hiring process. It will be a great asset for any company if it seeks to scale with quality and attention.
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As a job search mentor, Gianluca is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to advance their career. He has deep industry knowledge and can provide expert guidance on everything from job searching to recruiting and career development.
Gianluca's passion for helping others and his experience in human resources make him a valuable asset to any team. 
"Gianluca came to Glovo as a senior recruiter and quickly demonstrated that he was a top performer in his field and became a senior manager. I always admired his positive attitude and passion for recruiting, which resulted in top performance in all his objectives. During his time at Glovo he continued to raise the bar and was a driving force in growing our engineering team by any order of magnitude.”
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Bill Crane

Former VP Linkedin


Nicole Dorsch

Marketing Expert


Bartek Kunowski

CPO Glovo

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Explore content that will empower you to grow in the field of Human Resources and in your professional career. Learn to transform your passion into profitable actions, using your new knowledge not only for your own development but also to help others achieve their goals.

All about talent and professional career.

Ancla blog
Ancla formulrio

You are just one step away from

achieving your success

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Thank you for sending your request


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