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Looking for a Job


I provide you with a wide variety of resources for your search! From free content on the blog and on my social networks, to affordable courses and personalized coaching sessions with me. 

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Employment course


100% virtual classes at your pace!


Discover the secrets to finding your ideal job in just 4 hours. This course will provide you with key knowledge that will transform your job search. You will learn to create a CV that stands out, you will dominate LinkedIn and you will build a personal brand that makes you shine. Perfect your interview skills and use the artificial intelligence in your favor.

Includes over 100 free CV templates and my favorite sites.

Value: €39.99

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What will you learn


This course was created because many and many have asked me for help, normally a one-hour session with me costs 100 euros and I don't have enough time, so I decided to bring you this course to help you with all my knowledge without hesitation.

Discover the secrets to finding your ideal job in just 4 hours. This course will provide you with key knowledge that will transform your job search. You will learn how to create a CV that stands out, master LinkedIn and build a personal brand that makes you shine. Hone your interview skills and use artificial intelligence to your advantage.

Includes over 100 free CV templates and my favorite sites.

In this course, you will not only obtain information, but you will live a unique experience that will change your perspective towards job search. I'm here to guide you to success!


Build an impeccable CV to stand out to ATS and hiring managers. Discover key secrets and strategies and get over 100 free templates. Optimize your CV for ATS and highlight achievements! #Professional success

Block 1

Create a Magnetic Resume

Linkedin connected me with the person who is now a great friend and led me to work with Leo Messi. The opportunities are endless and the future of work is already pointing towards personal love and decentralized and remote work.

Block 2

Linkedin and Personal Brand

AI can greatly enhance your search and your life! Learn its use from the basics, such as prompt engineering, and use it as an interviewer to practice and stand out in interviews. Boost your career with artificial intelligence!

Block 3

AI and Promp Engineering

Block 4

How to pass any Interview

Find out what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when we interview. With this guide you will be prepared for any interview. I teach you advanced interview techniques for companies worldwide.

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Personal Brand Course


4 Classes In person  1 hour each class with me

The present is already changing, remote work, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverses, the Influencer economy, the On-demand economy among many other things. The future of work is clear, your PERSONAL BRAND is going to be essential when it comes to standing out in the labor market of the future and I will help you not only prepare, but ANTICIPATE and get the most out of it.

If you are a Content Creator or want to boost your Career, this Bootcamp is for you!

Value: €499.99

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What includes

  • 4 face-to-face classes with me of 1 hour each.

  • Access to my 12 commandments (TOP digital resources).

  • A private group where you can share with other attendees and multiply your possibilities, in addition to meeting wonderful people.

  • Free follow up for life.

If you learn with me you can reach more than 35,000,000 million people on Linkedin in one year.

You will gradually increase your followers, after 3-4 months you will get 10,000 followers  and I will help you iterate and continue improving.


The future of work from the hand of an expert in the field, how to anticipate We are going to talk about how to create your Personal Brand from scratch and start with the bases

Block 1

Future of Work, creating the foundations of your Brand 

Empezamos a crear nuestra propia tribu o como dice Balaji Srinivasan tu "Network State". Es importante que masterizes el uso

Block 2

Create your "Network State"

Each social network has its tricks, each algorithm urges and penalizes different actions, in this session we investigate the details of what is needed on Linkedin.

Block 3

Creating content

Block 4

Myths, Truths, Questions and CV.

It is very important that we can resolve doubts live and see how we progress. After mastering the 3 previous classes we will have time to ask questions and even improve our CVs.


1:1 Coaching


100% virtual sessions or in-person coffee.

I offer you a guide based on my experience. I can offer you sessions focused on job search where we can create personalized strategies and talk about your specific needs.


We can also do personal, professional and leadership development sessions.

Value: €249 / hour

CV and LinkedIn


Review the same day of reservation


I review your CV and your Linkedin giving you tips and step-by-step mentoring on what to improve or change and where. 

I also offer you a written guide so you can do it in your time and whenever you want.

Value: €19.95

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Free Resources

On my networks you will find several free resources for your search, guides, books, articles, videos, advice just one click away.

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Gianluca Rosania

HR Expert / Talent Acquisition Consultant


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