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"El Camino"

It is focused on developing a tool to help young people in the final part of their secondary studies, a key moment in their lives. It can equally apply to young graduates who find themselves regularly switching between possible career paths and need help focusing and defining their vision for the future.

As they discover this vision of their future based on our Coaching model, they can rely on this tool for many things: to help define what they want to achieve in life, what they want to study, what kind of job they eventually like to have, which They are their dreams, but above all.

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What steps are necessary to achieve this.


We believe it is very important to make this idea work as a personal testimony, based on the stories of friends, family and colleagues, people who are about to graduate from school and choose a career, facing uncertainty and doubts about what do with their lives. What do I want to achieve and what is my dream? Very often, the pressure of these questions can influence one to pursue a career that does not actually suit their needs or desires, nor their personality.

Our guide focuses on two aspects, the Personal and the Professional. For the first of them, essentially the person identifies what their dreams are and what steps there are to help them achieve them, to finally put them into action, make the personal commitment and thus take the reins of their own life.

As for the second aspect, this is designed to prevent users from abandoning a career or changing from one to another or even stopping studying due to lack of interest or motivation.




In the guide we have designed a deductive methodology using our 'Impact Questions'; Through these, young people will be able to reflect and explore themselves and, ultimately, visualize and direct their future with a different perspective. In this way they can determine or deduce what they really want based on their beliefs, tastes, aspirations and goals, and eventually establish a path to achieve it.


Another element of the analysis carried out by the students is based on a formula for the Definition of Activities. In this part, the profile competency definition model (MPC) of the company Alfredo Paredes y Asociados is used and the Likert Scale continues to be applied to determine a single career option to choose.

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