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Consulting for companies

I have been collaborating with more than 200 companies throughout my career, always with the objective of reducing costs, enhancing results by taking care of people. With these consultancies you can significantly reduce costs.

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with Artificial Intelligence

AI, RPA (Robot Process Automation), NLP (Natural Language Processing), LLMs (Large Language Models).

Depending on your need, we adapt, we can start by implementing some basic tools to your recruitment processes or human resources that will save you at least 5 hours per person per week. 

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What will we do?


We are going to start by evaluating your situation at that specific moment to then understand what we can apply and how. Artificial intelligence is not just about learning to use large-scale language models or their plugins, it goes much further. With a combination of tools we will be able to save you a minimum of 5 hours per person per week since we will automate processes with tools, we will use RPA or robotic process automation, we will master the use of natural language processing, we will train in its use and monitoring . At the end you will have a system implemented that saves and you will know how to use it.

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Process Standardization, Data Analytics


Structure, document, have clean data, create Data Analytics and improve.

Did you know that Google has a success rate of 86% with just 4 interviews? From the fifth onwards, its percentage only increases by 1%, denoting that we do not need much to be effective. Obviously each company is different but that's what we are for, to do the best for you.

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What will we do?


We will analyze together your processes, which ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or ERP you are using, how it is integrated, the workflow, current metrics, hiring times, success percentages, among others to determine what best fits your scenario. Then we will standardize the processes together so that there is a single source of truth and everyone is more organized, saving time and money. Once this is done, what we will do is know how we are going to extract, read and interpret that data, we can create our own tool from scratch use AI or use partners that help us with this, you choose.

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Employer Branding, Influencer Ambassadors

and AI


If candidates come to you, you will save time and resources, and your brand will also help you grow through a domino effect.

Did you know that you can create automated content? videos, images, posts. Also create unique strategies such as creating a candidate persona to do specific recruitment marketing and bring better results and even join together with your own collaborators to make them ambassadors.

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What will we do?


It is important that we identify where you are with respect to Employer Branding since there is a lot to do. We would start working on your purpose, culture and values. We would then focus on creating an EVP or employer value proposition that aligns with them. Later we will identify the candidate persona by area and we will continue looking at communication strategies, networks, internal page among others. Then we will finish by automating tasks with AI such as automating the creation and dissemination of curated content.

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Training for Internal Teams


Here I offer you training for your recruiters and managers or also interview strategy training for the entire company to minimize risks and save resources.

The idea of knowing how to do an interview and having it structured is that you save time but it is also that you minimize risks and biases, increasing the quality of your teams and new hires. Likewise, if your internal teams know the latest trends, they will be more effective and happier.

What will we do?

We are going to train your teams to increase their knowledge, this way they will be happier and more effective. I can train your entire company in interview strategies so that you reduce risks and improve the quality of hiring by reducing time or I can train your HR teams in different topics so that they raise the level and are at the forefront of what is happening in the field.

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Candidate Experience



Did you know that if you increase the candidate's experience, you reduce costs and make money at the same time? 

Implementing a candidate experience strategy is about understanding what our future collaborators expect from us, it is about showing empathy, respect and can be achieved through good organization, time management and automation.zation.

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What will we do?

First we have to know what your candidates think of you and I don't just mean going to Glassdoor and the like, we have to delve into the specifics. For that, we analyze the data you have and if not, I help you build that data that will help us put ourselves in context, for example by standardizing processes or implementing NPS Net Promoter Score tools. Then we will create the strategy and automate it so that you only have to monitor, in the end you will earn money since you will have better quality of candidates and your brand will have a better reputation.

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