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Training for Recruiters

I have been able to train more than 3,500 recruiters, build teams from scratch and work and lead high-performance teams globally in companies such as and Glovo. 

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Complete course

Master Recruiter

Inspired by the concept of the golden circle and starting with the 'why', this proposal arises.


We observe that talent is often not up to par with organizational and digital transformations.


The arrival of Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence finds many unprepared, and crucial decisions are made in areas not specialized in human resources.


Furthermore, we notice that knowledge remains centralized and out of reach of many.

That is why I want to contribute all my experience and knowledge in Human Talent about the topics in which I have expertise.

*Contains all the workshops

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What will you learn?

With these hands-on training you will learn to be an effective leader and you will be able to apply the recruiting strategies they have achieved from day one:

  • Rapidly scale technology teams from 20 to more than 400 in 18 months.

  • Reduce hiring times between 10% and 50%.

  • Improve the conversion from contacted candidate to hired by 50%.

  • Change talent strategies in companies with more than 20,000 global employees.

The complete course contains all of the following workshops:


Future of work, Personal Brand


I prepare you for the future of work

If you have knowledge of trends and know about the probabilities that you will have in the future, you will surely be able to prepare better. In this module we analyze step by step the economy and its impact, remote work, the internet, new work models, VR and AR to Blockchain related to the world of work, and of course we biuld your brand.

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First we will analyze the world economy to understand how it goes hand in hand with changes in HR and what to do if it does not benefit us when we want to implement changes.

Block 1

The importance of the World Economy

Internet penetration and remote work are growing. There are many factors why we are not yet 100% remote but we are going to analyze where we are and where we are going.

Block 2

Internet - Remote Work

Spatial Computing, virtual reality and augmented reality are already here. We are going to analyze its importance in the world of work and understand what we are looking at in the future, there will be many changes to implement.

Block 3

VR - AR Metaverses

There are no longer only white collar and blue collar work models, freelancers and top experts. Technology has created new work and economic models that are very important for the future of work.

Block 4

Labor Models

Blockchain technology brings us a new concept to the world of work and in combination of artificial intelligence and remote work it will have a global impact. Let's analyze how to implement it at work.

Block 5

AI & Blockchain at Work

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Talent Analytics and Processes


Being Data Driven is not a fad, it is necessary

In this module you will learn everything about the implementation of data analysis in recruitment, from the DATA structures, its most important pillars related to talent, how to start measuring it and how to automate it to achieve having an infallible ally when it comes to making decisions. decisions.

Asset 5.png


For me the easiest way to understand this is by sharing real and practical cases. I had the opportunity to lead this topic at Glovo, and many other companies, we will talk with examples.

Block 1

Introduction and Practical Cases

In order to better understand how to use the data we obtain, we have to break it down and identify its pillars. Each pillar of DATA gives us a specific use that will help us make better decisions and improve.

Block 2

The 3 Pillars of Data

Learn to use Data not only for selection processes and to be more effective but also to provide a masterful candidate experience. There are many ways to implement it in CX.

Block 3

DATA in Candidate Experience

During my experience I had the opportunity to implement DATA from scratch using EXCEL and develop processes that used ERP, CRM, ATS, data analysis and visualization software such as Power BI or Looker. Now we have AI.

Block 4

First steps to Automate

We cannot leave without practicing, I have created some practical cases based on my experiences so that they are as real as possible. The idea is that at the end we will be able to solve them without any problem.

Block 5

Practical Case

candidate experience.jpg




26% of candidates have a good CX.

It's shocking to think that we have so much room for improvement. Now with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence we are going to see a change in this trend but in any case it cannot be implemented without a clear and well-formed strategy, in addition to creating a workflow that makes the candidate experience unforgettable.

Asset 5.png


Many still do not pay much attention to the candidate experience, it is thought that it is something that does not generate much impact. Here we are going to understand how CX can make us gain greater utility and why.

Block 1

CX Introduction

We have to understand each of its parts and its function. It is important that we know where the CX begins and where it ends to create a process that allows us to focus on providing that unique experience.

Block 2

6 Key Aspects

We are going to create our own strategy and implement it step by step, identifying all the areas where we can create Candidate Experience strategies and make it a reality.

Block 3

Implementación Caso Práctico

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​Be able to coach any team in the world

Through my experience I have been able to train thousands of talent support teams, such as engineering, business, and leaders, on interview methodologies and strategies. In this module I teach you what I have learned so that you can implement it immediately.

Asset 5.png


We have to understand that the best companies in the world almost always look for the best talent. That we obtain the necessary information to make quality hiring decisions and reduce risks is key.

Block 1


If we want to hire someone it is important that we know exactly what type of person we would like to have. For this, we need to create our own hiring fundamentals and selection criteria.

Block 2

Selection criteria

If we want to improve the quality of our hires, we have to train teams about the biases we have as human beings. Now we also talk about technological biases with AI.

Block 3

Hiring Biases

Now that we have the basics, we are going to learn to use advanced techniques for interviewing, we will not only talk about the STAR model but also its evolutions, there are many much more powerful techniques.

Block 4

Advanced Interview Techniques

Making decisions is an art, it not only involves matching a group of people with different personalities, using data, but also understanding how we can build an effective framework that helps us.

Block 5

Decision making

Candidates increasingly seek to build relationships with their jobs, things such as purpose, culture and the usual motivators such as compensation and security come into play. You will learn how to make a sale.

Block 6

Selling the Position


Sourcing and



Find anyone in the world

I am passionate about this topic. The theory of 6 degrees of separation says that with 5 people in our network we can reach people we may not have even imagined and it is true. I have spoken with Guido Von Rossum, creator of Python, with Tony Robbins and I have worked with Leo Messi using sourcing techniques.

Asset 5.png


To be a good sourcer you have to know your markets perfectly. There you will learn to get hundreds of resources that will make you an expert on this topic to optimize your time and results.

Block 1

Labor Markets

By knowing your competition in detail you will be able to know how to use your time better and be more productive. I share my secrets of MAANG company structures (Meta, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) and many more.

Bloque 2

Competition and Structures

Hundreds of resources so that we understand how to communicate effectively with the person we are going to contact. Talking to a Boomer isn't the same as talking to a Generation Z, is it? 

Block 3

Understand your Audience

I learned from one of the best coaches in the world on this topic, he has 16 years of experience in Sourcing alone and I want to share my learnings with you so that you can increase your response rate just by writing better.

Block 4

Neuro Marketing for Messaging

My favorite part, live and direct, we are going to look for dozens of possible ways to demonstrate how we can find the data of any person in the world and with what we learned previously, message well.

Bloque 5

Sourcing Tools

resumen-borrosa-hotel-interior copia 2.jpg

AI in



He/She who knows how to use it will have a better chance.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It is said that by 2030 it will create more than 900 million jobs while taking another 800 million from us. It is clear that whoever knows how to use it will replace all those who were left behind. You join?

Asset 5.png


Understanding the bases of Artificial Intelligence will make us understand much better where we are and all the possibilities we have for the future. We will also talk about its relationship to economics and ethics.

Block 1

AI Introduction

I have spent 10 months in 2023 learning and improving my skills with prompt engineering, in total about 250 hours in addition to training hundreds of students. I teach them how to communicate effectively with AI.

Block 2

Prompt Engineering

You will learn how to apply Artificial Intelligence in recruitment and selection, from sourcing, market analysis, obtaining information, automation, to process improvement, candidate experience and more.

Block 3

AI in hiring and CX

Everyone talks about midjourney and using Artificial Intelligence to create generated images, but do you know its true scope? We will master this topic and use LLMs to create EB and Candidate Persona strategies.

Block 4

AI in Employer Branding

Finally, we will learn how to use Artificial Intelligence in different areas of Human Resources to be able to implement them and get the most out of it. Are you ready for this transformation?

Block 5

AI in HR

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I teach you how to master it from scratch.

My idea is to share all the tools and knowledge so that you can set up Employer branding from scratch in your company, whether or not you have many resources. We will talk about PVE, Inbound Recruitment, Candidate Persona, Employment Portals, Social Networks and much more.

Asset 5.png


Did you know? 78% of people look at the reputation of companies before signing up for their offers? It is extremely important to understand that EB is a fundamental part of increasing long-term profitability.

Block 1

Introduction Employer Branding

The PVE are the critical attributes with which you want to differentiate yourself as an employer. The EVP defines what you want to communicate and Recruiting Marketing defines how we are going to communicate it. It is the experience you will give.

Block 2

Employer Value Proposition

I was able to learn from my friend and genius Toni Gimeno and implement it throughout my career. We are going to build the marketing and communication strategy to publicize and attract candidates.

Block 3

Inbound Recruitment

I teach you how to create a candidate persona. It is a fictional representation of the person you would like to hire for a specific role. These people are created, above all, from DATA collection, let's do it together.

Block 4

Candidate Person

According to Linkedin, the first obstacle for a candidate when looking for a job is not knowing what it is like to work in a company. This is exactly what we are going to do using the web, social networks and being DATA Driven.

Block 5

Employment Portal, Social Networks and DATA

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